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Pick Tennessee Products Application will take approximately 15 minutes to complete.

STEP 1 - Complete and submit the following application.

STEP 2 - A Tennessee Department of Agriculture (TDA) Consultant will review your application.

STEP 3 - The TDA Consultant will notify you of final status by email and supply a digital copy of the Pick Tennessee Products logo if your application is approved. If an email is not available, you will receive notification by U.S. mail.

STEP 4 - When completing the application, only check products that are produced/manufactured on your farm or by your business. For example, if you sell snacks at your agritourism location, you should NOT check any of the snack categories unless you produce the snacks on your farm.

Please submit your updates to pick.tn@tn.gov

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    Please upload an image to represent your business. The image needs to be 600 X 600 pixles.


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    Application Submission

    Checking the box below confirms that you have read the guidelines set forth by the Business Development, Tennessee Department of Agriculture. If your application is approved, you give permission for your information to be listed on the Pick Tennessee Products online directories and to be used in PTP marketing efforts. Application submissions may be edited by TDA staff for clarity and brevity. TDA reserves the right remove listings from the Pick Tennessee Products directories at any time.