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Simply Happy Canning Company

Heather Howell

Region: East - Knox County

Method of Sale: Farmers Market, Other : Festivals, shows & bazaars

Farmers' Market: Seymour Farmers Market, Market Square Holiday Market

Additional Information: Simply Happy Canning offers a variety of wholesome, handcrafted, mouthwatering preserves you & your family will love. Honoring the same recipes used by our family for generations, we have the traditional flavors you know, as well as unique combinations you would never expect. We stir each pot and pour every jar by hand. ¨ We NEVER use artificial flavors ¨ We NEVER use artificial colors ¨ We NEVER use artificial preservatives ¨ We NEVER use high fructose corn syrup ¨ We DO use local, in season, & farm fresh produce ¨ We DO make every batch by hand ¨ We DO serve our preserves at home & are sure you will be proud to as well! Come find us at your local Farmer’s Market!

Available: Jams Jellies and Spreads