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Tennessee Wines

Wine bottles

Wine and cheese are a perfect couple. Invite them to your next party! A wine and cheese tasting is the least complicated, easiest spread you’ll ever place before guests. Once you’ve set out all your wines and cheeses in a place within easy reach of your tasters, all the work is done. Everyone is free to enjoy each other’s company, with no agenda to follow. Just be sure to have enough plain French bread on hand to give everyone’s taste buds a buffer between tastes.

Try these pairings of terrific Tennessee wines, below!

Cheese: Gouda, Brie  Wine: Champagne Style

Cheese: Gouda, Brie 
Wine: Champagne Style

Cheese: Blue Cheese  Wine: Port

Cheese: Blue Cheese 
Wine: Port

Cheese: Wensleydale  Wine: Chardonnay or Chardonnel

Cheese: Wensleydale 
Wine: Chardonnay or Chardonnel

Cheese: Fresh Mozzarella  Wine: Blush

Cheese: Fresh Mozzarella 
Wine: Blush

Cheese: Havarti and Camembert  Wine: Dry Red Wine

Cheese: Havarti and Camembert 
Wine: Dry Red Wine

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