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Feathers and Fun Poultry Farm

Carol Margerum


8285 Paw Paw Springs Road
Smyrna, TN   37167

Region: Middle - Rutherford County

Method of Sale: On Farm Sale

Additional Information: At Feathers and Fun Poultry Farm, we produce and sell direct to consumer eating eggs from free range chickens that are especially high in Omega Fatty Acids (due to a custom diet that includes leafy greens, flax seed, black oil sunflower seeds, meal worms, fresh fruit... and supplemented Purina Layena Omega Plus Omega 3 feed.

Eggs are sold at our road side "self serve" stand, along with other fun things like tote bags made from recycled feed sacks. We also sell hatching eggs from rare breed chickens as well as chicks when available.

Available: Custom Poultry, Eggs

Map: Feathers and Fun Poultry Farm