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Mama's Secret Recipe

Chris Lee Trinosky

Region: Middle - Sumner County

Method of Sale: E Commerce, Retail, Other : Festivals and Events in Middle TN

Additional Information: This special sauce goes on almost everything you eat! It's quite distinct, very unique and enhances almost all foods! You will be pleasantly surprised and come to love this product as all those before you - who have this in their kitchen as a "must have" sauce for complimenting all those delicious foods you already prepare. Excellent compliment to white beans and cornbread; peas; corn; fried okra; baked, fried, and mashed potatoes; casseroles; eggs and omelets; tacos; fish and seafood; fried mozzarella sticks; fried mushrooms; chili, soups, and stews . . . "Tell us what it doesn't go on!"