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Mandie Cakes Co.

Amanda Swift

Region: Middle - Davidson County

Method of Sale: E Commerce

Additional Information: Mandie Cakes are made from scratch with quality,local ingredients, when they are available or in season.
The star of our cake is the cake. That is why it's layered with cake, icing, and more cake.
We believe that icing should be an accessory to the cake and not the main show. All but one of our cakes (the Lemon Drop) is made with Liquor. That is why we say, "Have your Cake and Drink it too! Liquor, Cream, and Cake" Its about having all the things that bring you happiness, in a jar. You will be drunk off of happiness after that first bite. Other than that, the liquor is an added ingredient, just for taste, and not for the purpose of intoxication. We like to say its, "Just Enough to Taste it, but not Enough to Get you waste it."

Available: Cakes