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Growing Wild LLC

Penny Daniel
Vice-President Marketing and Sales

Farmers' Market:






Region: Middle - Giles County

Method of Sale: Farmers Market

Farmers' Market: Ardmore Farmers Market, Fayetteville Farmers Market, Giles County Farmers Market

Additional Information: Tara's Farm is the continuing development of a dream of Tara Hill Hall. Tara was a beautiful, young lady inside and out. She dreamed of developing a farm where people, of every age, could come to visit, explore, learn and enjoy the beauty of the land. The land had not been farmed for over 20 years. Her grandfather was the farmer and when he passed away the farm just became a memory. She loved animals of every kind and wanted to help educate her community about farm animals and pets of her own. Tara was a gentle, loving person. She was 30 when she passed from this world. She left a loving husband, Ashley Hall, a step-son Robbie Hall Baker and a young son, 11 months old, Westyn Lee Hall. In order for Westyn to learn more about the person his mother was, "Tara's Farm" was created. Tara's family is working hard to make her dream come true. Growing Wild LLC is the company for selling the produce grown on "Tara's Farm." Some day in the future, Tara's Farm will be a place for everyone to visit and teach young and old about farming and passing on the tradition from one generation to the next.

Available: Corn and Hay Mazes, Pumpkins, Beeswax, Corn Stalks, Gourds, Indian Corn, Wreaths, Soap and Oils, Honey