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Vernon Farms Beef

Charles & Emma Vernon


3511 Cobb Road
Lakeland, TN   38002

Region: West - Shelby County

Method of Sale: Farmers Market, On Farm Sale

Farmers' Market: Agricenter International Farmers Market on Fridays and Saturdays

Additional Information: Vernon Farms Beef is purebred Black Angus. The entire herd consists of Registered Angus cattle which are known for their tenderness and flavor. We have bred the animals over the years to try and have the best tasting steaks, roasts and ground beef. All our beef are born and raised on our farm. They graze on pasture and then the forage diet is supplemented with grain. When you purchase our beef, you are purchasing directly from the farmer that raised it, local in every sense of the word. As we say, "From our Farm to Your Kitchen."

The beef is harvested under USDA Inspection and dry-aged 21 days at a local processing facility. Those of you who have eaten our beef rave about its flavor and tenderness!

Available: Retail Beef

Map: Vernon Farms Beef