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Support Tennessee Agriculture

Get your own Ag Tag and support the farmers, farmers markets and programs that help keep the “country” in Tennessee’s countryside!

In the field or on the road, the Tennessee Ag Tag is hard at work helping Tennessee farm families succeed in their rural communities, and helping all Tennesseans find local foods and farmers. Get a Tennessee Ag Tag today, and you’ll be working to support local farms and farmers markets, too.

Support Tennessee Agriculture

It’s the hardest working tag in Tennessee.  
Special license plates have been popular for a couple of decades.  Ag Tag dollars go to the Tennessee Agricultural Development Fund, which supports agricultural youth organizations and agricultural and forestry awareness, plus education and marketing efforts, including support for local farms and farmers markets.

How do I get one?
Just take your current plate off your car and into your county clerk's office and exchange it for Tennessee's Ag Tag for just $35 more than your regular county fees. There's no need to wait for your registration to expire. The time remaining on your registration will be credited to your new registration. Contact your county clerk’s office for information on how to receive your tag by mail.

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