Pick Tennessee Products Application


  • Agriculture Producers must provide a high quality agricultural product (produce, meat, permitted diary product, on-farm experience) produced on a Tennessee farm to be eligible to participate in the Pick Tennessee Products (PTP) program. Please note: all hemp based products will be assigned to the hemp category and must use hemp grown in Tennessee.
  • Food Manufacturers must provide a high quality product processed in Tennessee and/or utilize ingredients(s) from a Tennessee farm when available.
  • Non-food products such as wreaths, soaps,  oils, hand crafted items must be produced from a Tennessee agricultural product from a working Tennessee farm
  • All products listed on the PTP website and bearing the logo must meet or exceed U.S. Government and/or State of Tennessee standards and regulations where applicable. Manufacturers/processors must provide a current facility permit from Tennessee Department of Agriculture’s (TDA) Consumer and Industry Services.


  • The right to use the PTP logo is reserved for use by the PTP applicant and cannot be utilized by a non PTP product or business.
  • The logo can only be used to promote products that are listed on the Pick Tennessee Products Directories.  The Pick Tennessee Products logo is a registered mark with the U. S. Patent and Trademark Office.
  • Permission to use the logo may be revoked at any time.
  • Any company, organization, association, or individual using the logo must be approved to be a part of the PTP directories with the TDA prior to using the logo. Each item or product being used in conjunction with the logo must be approved.
  • Notifying TDA of any additions or changes, such as a change in production location, product line, etc. is the producer’s responsibility. Failure to do so could result in removal from the program.
  • The design or graphics of the logo cannot be altered, and the logo must be printed in its entirety. The logo can be printed in varying sizes.
  • The logo may be used in advertising, incorporated into a product’s packaging or label, displayed on point-of-purchase materials or signs, on pressure sensitive labels, on promotional materials or brochures, on letterhead and envelopes, etc.

Clicking the Apply Now button below confirms that you have read the guidelines set forth by the Business Development Division, Tennessee Department of Agriculture. If your application is approved, you give permission for your information to be listed on the Pick Tennessee Products online directories and to be used in PTP marketing efforts. Application submissions may be edited by TDA staff for clarity and brevity. TDA reserves the right remove listings from the Pick Tennessee Products directories at any time.