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Pure Pasture Farms

Melissa Cole


6514 Highway 161
Springfield, TN   37172

Region: Middle - Robertson County

Method of Sale: CSA, E Commerce, Foodservice Restaurant, On Farm Sale, Retail, Wholesale

Additional Information: Pure Pasture Farms is an all naturally raised Turkey, Chicken, Lamb, Duck and Egg producing farm on the north side of Nashville in Robertson County, Tennessee. Pure Pasture provides all natural products in a peaceful and nurturing way using no medications, drugs or man-made chemicals. Protecting and nurturing the livestock and soil is providing a better quality of food made possible through a pursuit of an all-natural and totally pure approach to farming. Pure pastures, making pure food, so you can eat pure!

The Pure Pasture Farms Commitment
Our Land - We are essentially a grass farm and core to our practice is farming with NO use of synthetic pesticides and herbicides. We are also committed to use of ONLY Non Genetically Modified Organism (non-GMO) seeds and open pollinated seeds as much as possible in our pastures in order to keep Pure Pasture Farms pastures healthy to support the Sheep, Chicken, Duck and Turkeys that graze our land.
Our Products - We offer Turkey, Lamb, Chicken, Duck and Eggs in a steroids free, antibiotics free, medication free environment with no added hormones. For our Poultry we use locally grown (non-GMO) grain feed products in combination with our free ranging grass fed "beyond organic" pastured poultry products.
Our Lamb is 100% grass finished on our beyond organic pure Tennessee pastures and we use no synthetic medications, no vaccines and no chemicals.

Available: Custom Lamb, Custom Poultry, Eggs

Map: Pure Pasture Farms