Lake Nowhere Mule And Donkey Farm

Deb Kidwell


400 Nowhere Lane
Martin, TN   38237

Region: West - Weakley County

Method of Sale: On Farm Sale

Additional Information: Lake Nowhere Mule and Donkey Farm breeds the rare American Mammoth Jackstock breed of donkey. The AMJ is the only American breed of Ass and was started by George Washington who desired a larger, better quality jack to produce larger mules for American agriculturists. Tennessee has had a long history with producing some of the finest Jackstock in the world, and the American Mammoth Jackstock Registry was started in Nashville in 1888. With the mechanization of farming at the beginning or the 20th century, the need for mules declined, thus the need for the large jacks to make mules declined as well. Lake Nowhere Mule and Donkey Farm sent the first AMJ to the country of Israel in 2012, and is now sending the first ever to the country of China. We strive to follow in the General's footsteps and produce the finest AMJ in the world to preserve this most American of heritage livestock breeds.

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Map: Lake Nowhere Mule And Donkey Farm