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Reed of Grace Farms

Ray and Danielle Priess


200 C Hankins Lane
Erin, TN   37061

Region: Middle - Houston County

Method of Sale: Farmers Market, On Farm Sale, Retail

Farmers' Market: Houston County Farmers Market

Additional Information: Reed of Grace Farms in Erin, Tennessee is now offering pasture raised pork products. Our 80 Acre Farm lovingly raises Duroc\Saddleback cross pigs in the most Humane, Ethical, and Natural way possible. Our sows are naturally farrowed and without vaccinations, hormones, or steroids. "Organic", without the price tag. Newborn piglets do not have their teeth cut, nor tails docked. Our piglets are pasture raised on a 20 acre paddock that provides fresh spring water, forest, and open pasture for grazing. The forest provides natural feed in vegetation, persimmons, walnuts, acorns, and pecans. Our pigs receive a local soy\corn\wheat\mineral based non GMO feed that supplements their diet. Reed of Grace Farms pigs are slow grown, and take 9-10 months to achieve slaughter weight. This slow growth process allows the animal to naturally develop as intended. All the pigs on our farm are daily cared for and are given plenty attention. They are truly raise in Hog Heaven!

For those interested in whole or half hog processing, we allow you to pick your processing facility, or we have one we recommend. The price is $3.50 per pound hanging weight. This includes transportations to the facility within 100 miles of Erin, TN. We currently have pasture raised products packaged and ready for sale; bacon, chops, sausage, loin, steak, ribs, and an assortment of smoked sausages in mild, medium, and hot.

Available: Custom Pork, Retail Processed and Packaged Meats

Map: Reed of Grace Farms