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Matlin Farms

Laura Leidhecker


613 Bays Mountain Road
Knoxville, TN   37920

Region: East - Knox County

Method of Sale: E Commerce, Retail, Wholesale, Other : Great Smokies Flea Market, Kodak, TN

Additional Information: Matlin Farms is a local small business which make homemade dog treats. We offer delicious GLUTEN FREE treats for dogs. We have Sweet Potato Chips, which are very popular with our customers and our own dogs love these crunchy treats. We also have Crunch Sticks which are made with real meat. These are great as a treat or for training. We have three different flavors of Crunch Sticks, chicken, pork and beef. Our treats are made with human food grade ingredients such as sweet potatoes, chicken breast, pork loin and beef. They are all Gluten Free and nutritious for your dog. Your furry family member will love our treats! You can find out more on our website at

Available: Pet Treats

Map: Matlin Farms