Possum Bottom Farms

John Lawton

Region: East - Marion County

Method of Sale: Farmers Market, Wholesale

Farmers' Market: Franklin Farmers Market, Main Street Saturday Market of Murfreesboro

Additional Information: Possum Bottom Farms, Tennessee's largest gourmet mushroom farm, offers farm fresh gourmet mushrooms year round at farmers markets in central and east Tennessee. We cultivate over 30 strains of gourmet culinary mushrooms including multiple strains of shiitake, maitake, mukitake, oyster, chestnut, lion's mane, and the medicinal varieties reishi, cordyceps and turkey tail. Our processes are 100% organic from start to finish using locally obtained wood waste products such as sawdust, wood chips, and logs. All of our mushrooms are farmed from commercial grade cultures. We do not offer wild foraged mushrooms. We maintain all of our cultures in our onsite lab ensuring absolute quality control of our products. Some mushroom strains are grown outdoors and are seasonal. Most are grown year round indoors in climate controlled environments making our harvests consistent and predictable. We have 8-10 varieties of mushrooms available every week, year round, including blue, elm, golden, Italian, and King oyster mushrooms, lions mane, chestnut, shiitake and reishi. Varieties, such as morel, maitake, mukitake, and stropharia are seasonal.

Every mushroom we grow is picked fresh at the peak of flavor and offered direct to our farmers market customers in hours, not days or weeks! Allowing the mushrooms to mature to the proper stage before harvest ensures not only the best shelf life, but also insure the complex sugars and proteins have developed into mushroomy goodness! We're talking farm fresh, not bounced down the road on a truck for 1000 miles, then held in a cooler for a week, grocery store "fresh". Our mushrooms are available directly from the farmer's own (gloved) hands.

In addition to our fresh mushrooms we offer fresh ground shiitake, oyster, golden oyster, chestnut and lions mane mushroom powders. Our powders are made weekly in small batches from any excess mushrooms we grow. There's only one ingredient in our mushroom powder: MUSHROOMS! No preservatives, no fillers and no salt! To make our powders we air dry fresh mushrooms to preserve the flavor and nutritional content. Then, we grind and sift to the consistency of flour. The sifted powder is immediately bottled and sealed for freshness. Like our fresh mushrooms, Possum Bottom Farms gourmet mushroom powders contain naturally occurring glutamic acid, or glutamate. This non-essential amino acid stimulates umami, your 5th sense of taste, enhancing savory, brothy flavors. Our powders are a nutrition packed, flavor-packed addition to eggs, soups, stews, rice, popcorn, veggies, grilled meats and fish. They're a wonderful sauce and stew thickener (works better than flour or cornstarch with no gluten and virtually no calories) or anytime you want mushroom flavor, but not necessarily mushroom texture. Trying to cut down on sodium but you hate bland food? Fire up your umami with Possum Bottom Farms gourmet mushroom powder! Our powders are guaranteed to tempt your taste buds and send your umami into overdrive! If you would like to purchase our fresh mushrooms, mushroom powders and pre-inoculated mushroom producing logs, or mushroom home fruiting kits they are available to the public every Saturday morning, rain or shine, at the Franklin Farmers Market in Franklin, Tennessee, (summer hours 8:00am - 1:00pm CDT), year round. Look for us under the green tent in space 54. Our mushrooms and other products are also available seasonally at the Murfreesboro Saturday Market on the Square in downtown Murfreesboro every Saturday morning 8:00am til 12:00pm May 21st thru October 29, 2022. Look for us on the east side of the courthouse under the green tent. Taste the difference fresh makes!

Available: Gluten Free, Meat Alternative, Mushrooms, Vegetable Others