Bryant Beef

Jason Bryant

Region: East - Jefferson County

Method of Sale: On Farm Sale, Retail, Wholesale

Additional Information: USDA Establishment #46219.
We sell beef, pork, and chicken. We retail meats by the pound as well as bulk packages in bundles, subscription, and even eighth, quarter, half, and whole beef/pork options available out of our facility. East Tennessee delivery services are available on qualifying orders. Custom processing beef ($50 clean bill & .65c rail weight). We smoke a variety of tasty jerkies and snack sticks along with our Natural Smoked Howlin' Hound all meat treats for pets. Raw pet feed is also available out of our facility.
Please check out our Facebook page for weekly updates on products available at Bryant Beef, or the website for a better description of what we are offering in general.

Available: Retail Beef, Pet Food, Pet Treats