Planet H2O, LLC

Carey Bruner

Region: Middle - Perry County

Method of Sale: E Commerce, Retail, Wholesale

Additional Information: Planet H2O is a premium domestic water that is naturally alkaline (ph 8.3) and has a naturally occurring essential mineral content. Recognized as one of the best tasting bottled waters in the world, Planet H2O is sourced from a previously undiscovered artesian aquifer nearly one mile below the Earth's surface. It is filtered through 500 million year old rock formations and is free of all surface contaminants. Planet H2O is bottled at the source using solar technology in beautiful Linden, TN and can be found across Tennessee at many locations including Turnip Truck, Naifeh's CashSaver, Miss Cordelia's, Three Rivers Market, Pilot, Weigels, Target, Publix, Food City, and Ingles. Learn more at

Available: Water, Gluten Free