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Hoff & Pepper, LLC

Aaron Hoffman


100 Cherokee BLVD, Suite 326
Chattanooga, TN   37405

Region: East - Hamilton County

Method of Sale: E Commerce, Farmers Market, Foodservice Restaurant, Retail

Farmers' Market: Chattanooga

Additional Information: Hoff & Pepper is a Chattanooga based business that produces Hoff Sauce, your everyday hot sauceā„¢. Hoff Sauce is the brain child of Aaron Hoffman - a man obsessed with making hot sauces, chili powders, and other chile goods since 2013. Hoff's biggest challenge was to create the perfect hot sauce to kick up the flavor of everything from your morning eggs to sandwiches, salads, pizza, burgers, poultry, fish, casseroles, tacos, get the picture. It couldn't only be spicy, it had to be pleasantly tangy, flavorful, and fresh...elevating your food instead of covering it up.

Available: Sauces and Dressings

Map: Hoff & Pepper, LLC