Summer Fields

Jessica Wilson

Region: Middle - Grundy County

Method of Sale: E Commerce, Farmers Market, On Farm Sale, Retail, Wholesale

Farmers' Market: We sell at The South Cumberland Farmer's Market in Sewanee TN (

Additional Information: Summer Fields is our livestock operation located in Summerfield (a section of Monteagle, TN). Here we grow grass on which we graze rare Gulf Coast Native sheep for meat and wool as well as free range chickens for eggs. We practice Management Intensive rotational grazing. Our animals do not receive hormones or preventative antibiotics. We control internal parasites with natural methods first ? rotational grazing, garlic and herbal treatments, and selecting for resistant animals. We only use chemical wormers after other methods have failed and only on a case by case basis. We can tell you every treatment that any of our animals has undergone. Our lamb and wool is 100% grass fed. Our chickens are fed Certified Organic grains in addition to grass and insects that they find for themselves.

We appreciate your business and your interest in our farm. Aside from our products, we also offer farm tours and stays, and internship opportunities.

Our wool and wool products can be found at our Etsy shop:

We also have an on farm Air BnB as well! Call for more info.

Available: Farm Animals for petting, School Tours, On Farm Lodging, Custom Goat, Custom Lamb, Eggs, Wool Fiber Yarn