Region: Middle - Montgomery County

Method of Sale: Foodservice Restaurant

Additional Information: My name is Roger Khan, I am a restaurateur and owner of Smokin Chikin. Smokin Chikin Rotisserie & Grill offers gourmet-level rotisserie chicken (other meats to be offered soon) inspired by diverse flavors from around the World. An open style rotisserie with a dancing flame and infrared burners capture the attention of our guests. The aroma of 24 hour marinated whole chickens being broiled on skewers is overwhelming as the ambiance and atmosphere of diversity is complimented when select aromatics, spices and herbs meet a flaming grill, spices that are dictated by the choice of our guests as they are intrigued by their democracy of flavor choices. Nine unique marinade flavors and a plethora of side dishes from different Continents and Regions will allow taste buds to travel the World from right here in the U.S. to the Caribbean, and Africa to as far as Asia. Our guests are like family and drives our Mission to provide freshly prepared quality food at a value, food that is locally sourced whenever possible, while delivering superb guest service that compliments a unique dining experience of diversity and acceptance.

A love for travel and a passion for delicious food are at the very heart of Smokin Chikin's explosion into the Clarksville food scene. The two founding families are excellent friends and share the same life and family values; the same remarkable values they successfully weave throughout their restaurant.

Roger Khan and Mohsun Ghias, along with their wives Sarika Khan and Oneeba Mohsun and their children, have lived in Clarksville, TN for more than 20 years combined. It is where they call home.

Regularly hosting friends and family is where they shine. Their culture provides for warm hospitality and meaningful conversations over a buffet of delicious international dishes, all prepared tirelessly from scratch. Everyone departs fully satisfied, anticipating the next invitation. Smokin Chikin is an extension of who we are, the four owners humbly admit, it's how we treat our friends and family and that's why we consider everyone not as our customers, but as our guests!?

Their travels have taken them to different continents and regions across the globe, all the while experiencing different cuisines and unintentionally gathering recipes. Some even made it on the menu, like the popular Caribbean BBQ marinade and Island Fried Rice from Trinidad & Tobago ? from where Roger originally hails.

So why International Fusion, and why Clarksville?

There has been a growing appetite for American-inspired ethnic foods from around the world and only metropolitan cities tend to benefit from having such restaurants. Clarksville deserves to have a restaurant that offers just that - a place where you can let your taste buds travel the world!

We now have a second Clarksville Location, 594 Firestation Road and we also have a restaurant in The Assembly Food Hall at 5th and Broadway in Nasvhille, TN!

Available: Patio Dining, Take Out, Catering Service