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Cave Ridge Farm

Erek Napora

Region: East - Sullivan County

Method of Sale: On Farm Sale

Additional Information: Cave Ridge Farm offers grass-fed lamb and beef, pastured pork, pastured broilers (chickens) and fresh, pastured Thanksgiving turkeys for processing. Our animals are antibiotic free with no added hormones! We strive to provide customers quality meat that is raised with care and respect. Our small family farm practices intensive, rotational grazing with our Katahdin hair sheep and Red Devon cross cattle. The pastured broilers are in pens that are moved daily and the pastured turkeys are raised in electric netting and are moved 1-2x per week. Our poultry and pork are fed a non-GMO feed from grown by a local Mennonite farmer. The pastured pigs are born and raised on our farm and enjoy rotationally grazing fresh pasture, turnips and kale. It's amazing how much pigs love fresh greens! The lamb and beef are available in late spring, pastured pork in the fall, pastured broilers in late spring and fall and our fresh turkeys are ready for on farm pickup a few days before Thanksgiving. Please contact us for more information about any of the meat that we offer or to reserve your order. We welcome guests to the farm and enjoy talking to people about sustainable farming.

Available: Custom Beef, Custom Lamb, Custom Pork, Custom Poultry