Heavenly Hemp Growers, LLC

Frank Stansberry/Kelly Anderson
Project Manager


4659 River Road
Huntsville, TN   37756

Region: East - Scott County

Method of Sale: Retail, Wholesale, Other : Online

Additional Information: Heavenly Grown Hemp is a family owned farm located in the city of Huntsville in Scott County, Tennessee. We utilize biodiversity and painstaking genetic selection to yield the highest quality hemp flower. Greenhouse produced, Heavenly Grown Hemp surrounds innovative, controlled growing environments with both sustainably farmed catch crops and egg laying chickens. We have incorporated the natural farming technique from Asia, Indigenous Microorganisms (IMO) by extracting nutrients from our land to feed our plants and soil. This in turn makes our plants stronger and healthier, providing them with defenses already adapted to their environment. The IMO?s allow for more diversity which in turn results in more enhanced Terpenes.

Our Project Manager and Head Grower/Scientist ive on site in order to monitor and tend to our precious plants 24/7!

In a nation battling prescription pain medication, veterans returning with PTSD, people suffering with arthritis, anxiety and many other ailments, our goal is to help people Enhance your life, not escape it!

Available: Hemp

Map: Heavenly Hemp Growers, LLC