Frontier Hemp

Jason Pickle


6673 Midland Rd
Christiana, TN   37037

Region: Middle - Rutherford County

Method of Sale: E Commerce

Additional Information: Frontier Hemp is Tennessee Hemp. We care a great deal about this plant. We have seen first-hand the amazing healing potential of nearly every part of it, from the fibers to the flowers. Frontier Hemp is a brand of integrity, hard work, and personal fortitude. We have all sacrificed a lot to build a brand that speaks the Truth. A lot of people are scared of this plant. The amount of misinformation that we’ve heard for so long can influence the way we feel about certain things. We are here to tell you a different story. Frontier Hemp starts with high-quality hemp plants. We grow our own. We touch them every day. We grow small gardens so we can take care of each plant and keep an eye on things. We care. Our oils are second to none. Our creams will soothe the achiest muscles. Our capsules are made from the most cutting-edge technology. Our water-soluble drink drops are built to carry with you throughout the day for a quick boost of CBD with your favorite beverage. We even have a product for your best, furry friend. And we are not stopping with CBD. Every day offers more information about different cannabinoids found inside the plant. We are just starting to understand what this powerful plant has to offer and we are thrilled about the potential. If you see a product you would like to try but you can't afford it, please send us a message about your situation and we will help. It's the only reason we are in business.

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