Baker Family Farms

Brandon Baker

Region: Middle - Humphreys County

Method of Sale: E Commerce, On Farm Sale

Additional Information: The Brandon & Meaghan Baker Family farms in Humphreys County, Tennessee. Although small in scale, the farm itself is very diversified. The Bakers raise Registered Hereford Cattle, heritage breed hogs, and meat goats. They maintain a honeybee apiary and are also licensed with the State of Tennessee as a nursery. The farm has a meat permit and sells USDA pork, raw honey, grafted fruit trees, sweet corn, and tomato plants in the spring. The Bakers have a love for agriculture are proud of their deep roots in the state- their children are 10th generation Tennesseans. Brandon is a member of the Montgomery County Master Gardener Association. Both Meaghan and Brandon have held certifications as Small Ruminant Master producers. Their children are active in various agriculture related clubs.

Available: Retail Nursery Grower, Nut Fruit Trees, Vegetable Plants, Corn, Tomatoes, Retail Pork, Honey