Body Teck Organics

Jeffrey S. Ramoie

Region: East - Blount County

Method of Sale: Retail, Wholesale

Additional Information: Body Teck Organics is a small family local owned business in Blount Co. south east on 321 just out side of Maryville. We are a small family owned Apothecary and local farm that produces its own crops for its own products, we are partnered with Maryville College, we donate a portion of our products for testing to the college to validate the safety of the product for sale in the retail market. We use the local FDA approved testing facilities as well to obtain all requiered COA's. We have a small Processing and Manufacturing facility on site that is GMP compliant with all state and local guidelines. We also source local farmers products and process and manufacture some of there products to be placed in the local retail market as well.

Available: Hemp