Gretta's Handmade Soaps

Gretta A Holbert

Region: East - Jefferson County

Method of Sale: Farmers Market

Farmers' Market: Dandridge Farmers Market

Additional Information: Hello I am Gretta an Air Force veteran and a Soapmaker. I found myself in this beautiful state of Tennessee a few years ago. I own and operate my business. Every process from gathering ingredients to labeling/ packaging is done by me. I use fresh ingredients when resources allow from our garden and local farms. My Soaps as well my other skincare products are made with quality ingredients. I use raw honey from local resources incorporated in my green tea and honey soap. I use organic green teas. I use local Jewelweed to make my Jewelweed soap for poison ivy relief. I take cucumbers and mints from our garden to make the cucumber mint soap. I use essential oils in my Soaps from reliable sources. I make a castile soap using 100 % Extra Virgin Olive Oil. All my oils/fats are premium quality. I offer fresh, natural and healthy for your skin products. I use my products as well as my family. Shaving Soaps, Lotion Bars made with beeswax, laundry detergent and lip balms are family/friends approved. I also make a soap shampoo bar for our furkids. My husband has Timberlake Nutritional Garden which is a contributor of fresh ingredients.

Available: Soap and Oils