Turnbo Hollow Naturals

Shawnee Iacono


1399 Keith Dr
Clifton, TN   38425

Region: Middle - Wayne County

Method of Sale: Farmers Market, Retail, Wholesale

Farmers' Market: Hardin Valley Farmers Market

Additional Information: We make 100% Naturals Soaps and 99% Natural Soaps. By only using plant based colorants such as Turmeric, Madder Root, Alfalfa and other plants of the this type along with naturals clays we can create a 100% Natural Soap using Essential Oils. We also have Fragrance oil Soaps that we call 99% Natural. We are a Christian business as all of our Fragrances have a Scripture assigned to them. Our products are handcrafted on our farm by us. We strongly support Tennessee products and strive to purchase as many of our products from other Tennessee Farms that we are unable produce ourselves on our Farm.

Available: Beeswax, Decoration, Dried Herb and Flower Arrangements, Gourds, Straw Bales, Wood, Soap and Oils

Map: Turnbo Hollow Naturals