Duke Remington

Alan Hughey


2850 Hyndsver Road
Martin, TN   38237

Region: West - Weakley County

Method of Sale: E Commerce

Additional Information: At Tennessee Hemp Store, we are cultivators at heart, partnering directly with one of the largest hemp growers in the Southeast United States. Like others, we are learning more about the benefits of this plant every year and have positioned ourselves on the leading edge of science and emerging discoveries. But perhaps most importantly, we have family and close friends with cancer, opiate addiction, autoimmune diseases, and other conditions. We've been involved in addiction recovery missions for over a decade. We’ve witnessed first-hand what this plant can do for the body and mind. We hold ourselves to uncompromising standards for hemp and for the elements extracted from hemp for truly effective products that change people's lives.

Available: Hemp

Map: Duke Remington