Dogwood Honey Company

Kaitlin King


3630 Copper Ridge Road
Knoxville, TN   37931

Region: East - Knox County

Method of Sale: On Farm Sale

Additional Information: We began raising chickens for eggs in 2021. After buying my grandparents' farm in 2022, we have been busy creating our humble farmstead with chickens (chasing the egg basket rainbow), Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats, and honeybees. We want to be able to share locally and ethically raised food while also connecting with our community. I love creating and enjoy using products from the hive to make lip balms, beeswax wraps, candles, salves, and more! We also offer handmade lye soaps made with hand-milked goats milk!

Available: Cut Flowers, Blackberries, Beans, Corn, Cucumbers, Herbs, Peppers, Tomatoes, Eggs, Beeswax, Wool Fiber Yarn, Soap and Oils, Honey

Map: Dogwood Honey Company