James Harris

Region: Middle - Putnam County

Method of Sale: E Commerce, Farmers Market, Retail, Wholesale

Farmers' Market: Depot Street Farmers Market

Additional Information: We are a hemp based dispensary located in Cookeville, TN. Unlike a smoke shop, we offer custom blends made for specific needs. We make everything in-house and We offer a wide variety of infused foods and drinks. We take the time to talk to our customers about what that are looking for out of our products and then explain what we believe to be the best options. We then escort our customers to the sales floor where they are given a brief run down on where to find all our different items. We want our customers to leave knowing more than they did when they entered so that no matter where they choose to shop they are equipped with the knowledge to do so. We have an unheard-of 98% customer retention rate with only 9 months of business under our belt. I truly believe this to be based from honesty and transparency with my customers about the limited amount of ingredients that go into our products, leaving that full flavored wholesomeness that only comes from small batch.

Available: Hemp