J & J Farm

Jim and Jane Parmer


1547 Essary Road
Lexington, TN   38351

Region: West - Henderson County

Method of Sale: Farmers Market, Foodservice Restaurant, On Farm Sale

Farmers' Market: West TN Farmer's Market, Jackson, TN

Additional Information: We sell meats by package in beef, pork, lamb and chicken. We also sell custom beef and pork. year round. Available any day of the week at our farm during this virus.

We have lived in the West Tennessee area for 30 years and have enjoyed dedicating our lives to promoting wholesome meat products to our customers for 25 of those years. We work closely with our customers to provide them with the best meats and affordable prices. We raise natural grass fed beef, lamb, pork and pastured chickens. None of our animals receive antibiotics or hormones and all of our animals are raised on grass and only supplemented with natural feed sources during winter season when grass is in short supply. We also provide free range eggs. We have not used chemical fertilizers on our farm since 1995.

We also provide custom beef and pork to anyone interested in purchasing in larger quantities. You can purchase beef in quarters, halves or whole and pork in halves or whole. We transport the animal to the processor for you and have them cut to your specifications. We also make delivery arrangements as well.

We are committed to supplying safe, wholesome food and sustaining our family farm.

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Available: Farm Tours, School Tours, Custom Lamb, Custom Pork, Custom Poultry, Custom Beef, Retail Beef, Retail Processed and Packaged Meats, Retail Lamb, Retail Pork, Eggs

Map: J & J Farm