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4 Corners Ranch - Grass-fed Longhorn Beef

Allen & Kimberly Keiter


330 Clyde Campbell Road
Washburn, TN   37888

Region: East - Grainger County

Method of Sale: Farmers Market, On Farm Sale, Retail

Farmers' Market: New Harvest Park Farmers Market, Market Square Farmers Market

Additional Information:
6 half beef options available to reserve now for first/second week of May delivery
We offer mixed cut packages in 75# (equivalent of about 1/4 beef, FINISHED, PACKED WEIGHT) that we are taking reservations now and filling on a 3 - 4 week delivery time (offer availability Apr, May, Jun)

4 Corners Ranch is a Christian family-owned business providing a quality beef alternative and educating the consumer about different beef options. We chose the Texas Longhorn for its superior meat product and the ability to diversify. We offer our delicious, naturally-lean, solely pastured beef and we acquire and raise registered genetics. Longhorns are an easy cattle breed to pasture, as they eat a broader spectrum of plant life than commercial breeds. Because of its natural leanness, there is little trimming necessary during the process, and the net cooked weight is higher than traditional beef. Longhorns are also naturally disease resistant and calve easier than other breeds, with little to no human intervention required.

Available: Farm Animals for petting, Custom Beef, Retail Beef, Eggs

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Map: 4 Corners Ranch - Grass-fed Longhorn Beef