Prichards Distillery

Connie Prichard
Business Manager


11 Kelso Smithland Road
Kelso, TN   37348

Region: Middle - Lincoln County

Additional Information: Prichards' Distillery represents the first legal distillery to be built in Tennessee in nearly fifty years. Virtually a four year effort from concept to online production of our products, Torav Cyn Plygav has served us well. Be sure to visit our web site to give you an appreciation of the time it takes to produce fine rums and spirits. We hope you find it enlightening. Much of the unique character of Prichards' Fine Rum may be directly attributed to its production in small batches using our classic copper pot still techniques and rigid quality control standards. The production of Prichards' Fine Rum may truly represent the restoration of a lost art form. Contact us for more information & ordering. Email Penny or Connie for more information- OR

Map: Prichards Distillery