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Owen Cattle Co. Branded Beef

Kelley Owen


242 Short Road
Hornbeak, TN   38232

Region: West - Obion County

Method of Sale: Retail, Wholesale, Other : can be purchased at Bestway in Hornbeak and Taylor Bro. in Ridgely.

Additional Information: Owen Cattle Co. and owner Kelley Owen have a long legacy of outstanding Limousin and Lim-flex cattle since 1993. Recently, Kelley has taken the opportunity to share his quality product with the public. Through careful selection, Owen Cattle Co. produces prime cuts of beef to fit any person's taste and budget. With an ever expanding market, you now have the option to purchase one of these premier products including 1 pound packages of ground beef (90/10 and 80/20), 1/3 pound hamburger patties, steaks (Bone-in Ribeye, Boneless Ribeye, T-bone, Porterhouse, Sirloin, Top Round) roast, ribs, and brisket.

Available: Retail Beef, Retail Processed and Packaged Meats

Map: Owen Cattle Co. Branded Beef