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Crockett Farmers Market at Maury City

Harriet Brown


Old Elementary School/ 356 College Street
Maury City, TN   38050

Region: West - Crockett County

Additional Information: For information on selling at the new Crockett Farmers Market at Maury City contact the Farmers Market Coordinator, Harriet Brown at 731.656.4156. Directions: When you are coming from Nashville on I-40 west, you will be looking for the Alamo exit. It maybe exit 79, but it definitely is Alamo, Hwy 412 west. It will be approxmiately 18 to 20 miles to the Maury City exit. The highway no. is 88 . When you get to theMaury City exit, go left on Hwy.88. It is about 5- 6 miles to Maury City. As you come into town, you will see the new elementary school on your right. At this point the road forks;the left side is Hwy 88 and the right side is Hwy 189. You will be on the right side; it is not very far until you will see the College Street sign, take a left. Once you have done that, you will see the Crockett Farmers Market sign on the right. The market is not always open. There are no set days and times. Vendors can set up at any time as long as they reserve a space. Call Harriet Brown for details.

Map: Crockett Farmers Market at Maury City