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Smoking Goat Farms

Christopher Goodwin


501 Cabbage Road
Blaine, TN   37709

Region: East - Grainger County

Method of Sale: Retail, Wholesale

Additional Information: Smoking Goat Farms Crushed Red is an enchantingly aromatic and meaty flavor that can add that additional level of taste complexity to a range of cuisines, and will please palates from refined to adventurous. We start with Artisan grown Cayenne Peppers. Ripened by the sun and grown in our Grainger County soil, the little darlings are bathed in rich fruitwood smoke for just long enough to develop a thick meaty smoky presence. Crushed and sealed for freshness, the relatively modest heat of the Cayenne gives the chef the freedom to boldly strike the smoky note without fear of overstating the heat note. Smoking Goat Farms Crushed Red is simply magnificent.

Available: Spices Dried Herbs Dry Rubs Seasonings

Map: Smoking Goat Farms