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Living Roots Compost Tea

Troy Hinke

Region: Middle - Cheatham County

Method of Sale: Farmers Market, On Farm Sale

Farmers' Market: Ashland City Farmers and Artisans Market

Additional Information: The Mid-South's only Soil Food Web Expert. Microbe-Activated, Natural Fertility. Compost tea is an all-natural liquid form of compost that provides nutrients to plants and soils. We offer compost tea sprays for landscapes, lawns, gardens, and farms. We also offer consultations nationwide (compost, compost tea, vermicompost, and soil microbiology), large compost tea deliveries, small-batch compost, on-site brewing, and red wiggler compost worms. Check out our website for more details. Call for a FREE ESTIMATE for a compost tea spray. Serving Nashville, Clarksville, and the surrounding communities.

Available: Compost and Soil Products