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Possum Bottom Farms

John Lawton

Region: East - Marion County

Method of Sale: Farmers Market, Wholesale

Farmers' Market: Nashville, Franklin, Chattanooga

Additional Information: Possum Bottom Farms offers farm fresh gourmet mushrooms year round to restaurants and area farmers markets. We cultivate 39 strains of gourmet culinary mushrooms including multiple strains of shiitake, maitake, mukitake, enokitake, nameko, stropharia, pioppino, oyster, chestnut, Lion's Mane and Combtooth, and the medicinal varieties reishi, cordyceps and turkey tail. Our processes are 100% organic from start to finish using locally obtained agricultural waste products such as wheat straw, sawdust, wood chips, and logs. We use high grade, commercial cultures and maintain all of our cultures in our onsite lab. We produce our own seed spawn onsite, insuring absolute quality control of our products. Some mushroom strains are seasonal, some are grown year round in controlled environments. So, all varieties may not be available at any one time, but we usually have 8-10 varieties of mushrooms available every week, year round. Blue, elm, golden, Pohu and Italian oyster mushrooms, lions mane, chestnut, pioppino and shiitake are available every week, year round. Other varieties, such as morel, maitake, pink oyster, King oyster and stropharia are seasonal. Enoki and namako are grown to order.

We pick and deliver to to your restaurant the same day, giving you and your customers the freshest mushrooms available by far. We pick and offer our fresh mushrooms to our farmers market customers in hours, not days! The only way to get mushrooms fresher than ours is to grow them yourself! In addition to fresh mushrooms we offer fresh ground shiitake, oyster, golden oyster, chestnut and lions mane mushroom powder. Our powders, like our fresh mushrooms, contain glutamic acid, or glutamate. This non-essential amino acid stimulates umami, your 5th sense of taste, enhancing savory, brothy flavors. Our powders are a nutrition packed flavor-packed addition to eggs, soups, stews, rice, popcorn, veggies, cooked meats and fish. They're also a wonderful sauce and stew thickener (works better than flour or corn starch with no gluten and virtually no calories) or anytime you want mushroom flavor, but not necessarily mushroom texture.

If you'd like to try our mushrooms you can find them in fine dining establishments all around Chattanooga/ Signal Mountain such as St. John's Restaurant, Alimentari, Niedlov's Bakery, Kenny's Southside Sandwiches, Hummingbird Pastaria, Bread & Butter Bakery and many others. Our fresh mushrooms, mushroom powders, home fruiting kits and pre-inoculated mushroom producing logs are available every Wednesday at the Main Street Farmers Market at Findley Stadium, corner of Main and Chestnut in downtown Chattanooga, 4:00PM - 6:00PM year round, at the Franklin, TN farmers market every Saturday 8:00am - 1:00pm year round, and at the Greene Street Farmers Market in Huntsville, AL, every Thursday 4:00pm 'til dark through October. Taste the difference fresh makes!

Available: Gluten Free, Meat Alternative, Mushrooms