Mimi Jo's Fruit Tea

Nerissa Rollins

Region: Middle - Davidson County

Method of Sale: E Commerce, Retail, Wholesale, Other : Nashville International Airport, TN Tribune Store & Café, TRI- Tri- Cities Regional Airport, CHA-Chattanooga Regional Airport, Nashville Music City Center, Cilantro Mexican Grill ? East Nashville, Cilantro Mexican Grill-8th Ave S., JayBear Bake Shop, Pick TN Partner locations: Bryant's Country Store, Harbin Hollow, Harvest Local Foods, Buckley Farm, Lightfoot Farms

Farmers' Market: Nolensville, TN

Additional Information: Mimi Jo's The Fruit Tea Lady, LLC is a Southern Fruit Tea Company founded in Nashville, TN in 2016. We aim to share the sacred, southern tradition of a cherished family recipe, passed down from generation to generation. Our fruit tea beverages are the perfect grab and go addition to any meal or snack.

Available: Tea