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Johnson^2 Family Farm

Robert A Johnson


28 Orchard Lane
Chestnut Mound, TN   38552

Region: Middle - Smith County

Method of Sale: On Farm Sale, Other : Delivery

Additional Information: We grow Non-GMO Pasture raised Heritage Chickens, Ducks and Turkeys as well as sell eggs direct to consumers. We currently have frozen turkeys available in addition to chicken eggs. Duck eggs will be available once they start laying.

We have Rouen Ducks. Our Chickens include Rhode Island White, Barred Holland, Isabella Leghorn (non-industrial), Delawares and some barnyard mixes. Our Turkeys include Bourbon Red, Black, Royal Palm and Narragansett. If there is enough interest, we would be happy to grow Broad Breasted white turkey's and Cornish Cross chickens for meat.

We are proud members of the Livestock Conservancy. Saving rare breeds while growing high quality eggs and meat.

Available: Custom Poultry, Eggs

Map: Johnson^2 Family Farm