Acres of Grace Farms, LLC

April Patterson


2258 Henson Road
Red Boiling Springs, TN   37150

Region: Middle - Clay County

Method of Sale: On Farm Sale

Additional Information: All of our Akaushi Beef are raised on our farm in Red Boiling Springs, Tennessee. Our cattle are fed a high forage diet and haylage we raise on our farm that is packed full of all natural proteins. Our cattle live peacefully on fields of green pastures and are nurtured by owner and veterinarian, Dr. Nick Patterson, so you can rest assured they have received the best care possible.

Dr. Patterson has a passion for producing a high-quality all natural healthy beef, which is why no expense has been spared to offer the highest quality beef possible. Akaushi beef is also known for its heart healthy qualities. Akaushi beef is all-natural, and we do not add hormones.

Akaushi is known for its higher concentration of monounsaturated fat relative to saturated fat along with being a natural source of oleic acid, a compound found in olive oil that USDA states is good for the heart. The oleic acid found in our Akaushi beef is one attribute that gives it its distinctive buttery taste.

While Akaushi beef is one of the most expensive meats you can purchase, we want to offer it to you as a consumer at a reasonably affordable cost so you and your family can enjoy the healthy benefits our Akaushi beef has to offer.

thank you for entrusting us to be your beef producer. May you and your family be blessed and enjoy the fruits of all that our all-natural Akaushi beef has to offer!

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