Fullei Fresh

Oliva Wong
Sales Director


1011 Volunteer Dr.
Cookeville, TN   38506

Region: Middle - Putnam County

Method of Sale: Retail, Wholesale

Additional Information: Fullei Fresh is a hydroponic farm dedicated to growing sprouts and microgreens. When it all started over 45 years ago as a small family business, the sprout industry pioneers did a lot of trial and error, as indoor growing was unheard of. Nowadays, they use specialized sprouting equipment and controlled environment agriculture practices to grow alfalfa, beet, broccoli, clover, daikon radish, mung bean, snow pea, soybean, sunflower, wheatgrass and more without the use of any pesticides or preservatives. Sprouts are not only extremely nutrient dense, but they also compliment other ingredients, make for an easily available year-round alternative to lettuce, or can be used as a garnish. Crop cycles are very short and products arrive at restaurants or stores within days of being planted. In 2023, the brand relocated to Cookeville, Tennessee and expanded regionally. They sell to foodservice and retail distributors

Fruits and Vegetables: USDA Certified Organic

Map: Fullei Fresh