Plentiful Hill Farm LLC

Corinna Bowers

Region: Middle - Marshall County

Method of Sale: Pick Your Own

Pick Your Own: You pick Blackberries, You pick Other : Chickasaw plums, persimmons

Additional Information: Plentiful Hill is 375 rolling acres of beautiful woods and spacious open pastures in the heart of Middle Tennessee. This Greenbelt property has been owned and occupied by our family for eight generations, and currently, three generations live on, love, and actively use this land. As we continue to see farmland in our surrounding area sold off and developed, it's become increasingly apparent to us the role we can play in preserving the amazing wonders of rural Tennessee. Part of that opportunity, to us, means offering a recreational place for folks who find themselves craving the reflection, perspective, calm, and appreciation developed by time spent in nature. Our long-term goal is to create a space at Plentiful Hill that conserves the natural beauty of the land, continues to be a home for the natural flora and fauna of Middle Tennessee, and promotes a sense of value and protectiveness of our natural world through exposure, appreciation, and education. Plentiful Hill showcases a lot of the variety in terrain and distinct ecosystems, including cedar glades and karst landscape, that makes this part of the state unique and interesting. Our property also has a small pond, several sinkholes, hardwood and cedar forests, a wide variety of plants and wildlife (including foxes, birds of prey, and plenty of deer), and Buckeye Ridge, elevation 1,112 feet. Our small, seasonal, spring-fed creek eventually feeds into the most biologically diverse river in North America, the Duck River. The anchor of the property, our white, two-story farmhouse, was built in 1812. The original log cabin portion of the house is made from enormous cedar beams from trees grown and hewn on the property two centuries ago. The floors are made of poplar wood, also from the property. Three massive stone fireplaces currently house our primary heat sources, but it's not hard to imagine the roaring open fires that burned in these hearths that folks depended on for cooking and heat years ago. Our old family cemetery helps give some context to the people who've lived on this property over the years and the history to which we're all tied. People who would like to enjoy recreational activities such as camping, hiking, horseback riding, and dog walking are invited to reserve some time at Plentiful Hill to take advantage of this private wilderness experience that's close to home.

Available: , RV Camping, Blackberries, Persimmons, Plums, Eggs

Special Events: Attractions, Other : Recreational opportunities through well-marked and maintained hiking and horseback riding trails across the property. Educational components include historic information on the known happenings on the property during and after the Civil War as well as additional native flora education to come.