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J Stockton Farms

James or Kathy Stockton


230 Old State Route 53 Lane
Gainesboro, TN   38562

Region: Middle - Jackson County

Method of Sale: Farmers Market, On Farm Sale

Additional Information: J Stockton Farms is located in Gainesboro, Jackson County. We raise Registered Berkshire Pigs and Free Range Chickens. The pigs are raised on the rolling hills of our farm,creating a very flavorful pork. The poultry is also raised on the open pasture,which makes them more flavorful due to the fresh air,water and pasture . All of our meats are antibiotic free as well.

Available cuts:

Breakfast Sausage Hot and Mild
Smoked Breakfast Sausage
Frankfurters Nitrate Free
Pork Steaks
Whole Hog - Processed your way

Chicken :
Whole Chicken - Avg Wt 3-6 #
Eight Cut Chicken Package

Available: Custom Pork, Custom Poultry, Retail Processed and Packaged Meats, Eggs

Map: J Stockton Farms